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Starting the holidays with a dishoom style breakfast of chilli scrambled eggs and spicy chai. the tea is perfect for colds and sore throats (typically i have come down with one this week!).
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Sharing my #topnine2018 (even though there’s a bit more of the year to go!). interestingly no flowers or flatlays made it into the top nine, it’s all sewing and diy! my favourite is my little girl’s frida kahlo outfit for world book day, swipe to see.
edited because i forgot to add, there were a combined 96,000 likes on my feed this year. i can’t believe that number! thanks to everyone who takes the time to read and comment on my feed, i really appreciate being part of this wonderful community ❤️
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My last day of work for a few weeks, i am really looking forward to a proper break and finishing some old projects ready for a fresh start in the new year. i’m also starting to think about spring planting, maybe starting in january! i hope my sweet peas are good this year because last years were so beautiful. the background is a printed scarf from @the_soulful_creative, her feed is full of delicate floral imagery 💕
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My current knitting and bedtime reading 💗
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My velvet @peppermintmagazine wide leg trousers are all done 🙌🏽 not perfect because of my cutting error (the nap on the front and back are in opposite directions 🤦🏽‍♀️) but not bad! they are very comfy and the pockets are enormous 😍
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I loved this @seeyouatsixfabric when i saw it at @lamazifabrics stall at the knitting and stitch show. i have since ended up with quite a bit of their last collection as it’s all so good! this pattern is the free @brindilletwig hooded raglan. i also made a @titchythreads rowan tee for my older son but he refused to take his coat off for a photo (admittedly it was pretty cold!)
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Some bright flowers from the archive for this dull morning! how was your weekend? my first foray into sewing with velvet did not go to plan... the front and back of my trousers were cut in opposite directions (see my stories for the full horror) 🤦🏽‍♀️ i can highly recommend the @seamworkmag guide to working with velvet (which i have since read) if you want to avoid expensive mistakes! i am not deterred though, velvet peppermint wide leg pants are the stuff of dreams and i will be making some more 😃
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We enjoyed visiting the planetarium over the weekend, if you haven’t been it’s like a cinema but on the ceiling. i went as a child and found it fascinating so i was happy to give my children a chance to visit the ‘astronomy and islam’ family special show in collaboration with @thenewcrescent. noura was dressed for the occasion in her @ikateecouture jasmin dress hack (see a few posts back for the glittery planet print!) and @boden_clothing shooting star tights and glittery sneakers #iamnotenvious 🤔
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New shoes + ancient rug 🌈
we’ve been up since the c***k of dawn trying to get four children ready for an outing to greenwich planetarium for the ‘astronomy and islam’ talk. i hope they will find it interesting!
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Most of my september /october projects finally up on the blog if you want to read about them. swipe to see the projects!
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Beautiful winter scene from the photography workshop last week. a complete contrast to the chaos at home today 😆
i’ve just updated my blog with a bumper sewing project post! link in profile
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Close up of this amazing @libertylondon floral 😍 i’m having a bit of a plain/solids moment with my wardrobe, having spent the last two years sewing with prints! my next project is a pair of dark grey velvet peppermint wide leg pants, i hope they look as good as they do in my head 🤔
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