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More homegrown beauties πŸ’•

i like trying out different colour schemes with my flowers, this cream and pink combination is so delicate and soft.
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Loving how beautifully this @amirarahimart print matches my wallpaper! it’s going on the adjacent wall with some other pictures. i’ve been going mad with command strips and putting up all the prints i’ve been keeping for years. it’s so nice to have pictures up after two years of bare walls (i am not counting idris’s scribbles as artwork πŸ™„)
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Pink fluffy cosmos πŸ’•
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As promised, i am posting my pattern mods to the #myosotisdress (and it fits with today’s #sewphotohop prompt πŸ™ŒπŸ½). i used the skirt piece for version a along with the ruffle for b but extended the width for both to allow for the longer length (only about 2-3 inches). i also cut the ruffle piece at the length given for the largest dress size to make it longer. for the sleeves, i added about 6 inches to the length then added the ruffle. i cut a 38 grading to 40 at the waist and was surprised to find it quite tight still so i let out the back and front darts by 1/4 inch each. the sleeves were also a little tight so i reduced the seam allowance by 1/4 inch for both sleeves and the armholes. i did do a narrow shoulder adjustment which may have contributed to the sleeve problem and they are still a tiny bit tight but not too bad now. shoulder fitting is my nemesis, they are often too tight and restrictive. any tips would be gratefully received!
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This sunflower grew from a tiny seed planted by my 3 year old a few months ago. it’s a whopper and we love it! #whpperspective
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First look at my new myosotis dress by @deer_and_doe_patterns. i was really inspired by the ganni dress @annaroslily wore recently. i searched for a great small scale print but then realised i had this amazing @fabworksmillshop crepe in my stash and once i also remembered i had red boots that don’t go with anything the decision was made 😁. thanks to @sewingthe60s who posted her midi version i knew the midi hack would work using the myosotis pattern. more info on modifications coming soon!
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I had to dig out this picture i took a few months ago as if i’m not mistaken, this instafamous facade features in the new adaptation of vanity fair. i read the book as a teenager and i’m really enjoying watching it! anyone else a fan? @vanityfairtv
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I hope these colours brighten your day. these happy colours are the reason i love to grow my own flowers 🌸
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I posted this on stories but sharing again as we really love @emmablockillustration’s book. i bought a little watercolour set over ten years ago but didn’t know how to start. this book details everything and has lots of step by step instructions with pictures. noura asked to read it at bedtime a few times then we had a go. idris even mixed a colour for us πŸ˜† we are looking forward to more watercolour adventures soon!
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#sewphotohop fresh off the machine: this #wikstenkimono is perfect for the season. i am starting to like the contrast lining! the textured double layered fabric gives it a bit of structure, it reminds me of the cool, modern shapes from @cosstores.
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Perfect cafe au laits πŸ’• i hope you are all having a nice sunday, i’m having a slow day reading, gardening and preparing the pdf pattern for my next project ☺️.
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I’ve finished my wiksten kimono from @makingzine. it is a really clever pattern which is deceptively simple, but creates an interesting modern shape. however i have mixed feelings about it, because of my fabric choices. the pink lining contrasts a lot with the main fabric whereas i have since realised that most people have used a very similar toning colour so the collar complements the outer fabric but i didn’t have enough of the black to use it as collar lining as well. i will probably wear it most as in the first picture, with the collar folded in on itself so the lining doesn’t show but swipe to see how it looks as intended to be worn. i modified the pattern by moving the pocket up by two inches and cutting 3 inches off the sleeve length.
i will definitely be making it again, i have a teal wool in my stash which would be perfect. but this one will still be worn a lot as it’s warm but lightweight. it’s also number 7 of #2018makenine!
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