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So happy with this @megannielsenpatterns sudley dress! i initially planned to make this for @pilar_bear and @timetosew’s #makeyourstash challenge but on investigation i realised the fabric hasn’t been in my stash long enough. i’m sure i can find something older for another project though. i love the @riflepaperco fabric. i only just managed to squeeze out long sleeves by reducing the width of the skirt a bit but as there is a lot of volume it’s not obvious. it has a very similar fit to the i am cassiopee dress and is a quick project except for the fabric ties which took me forever to turn right side out! the keyhole back detail isn’t that practical for me but i enjoyed trying a new technique and the bias facing gives a neat finish.
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It’s not very spring-like outside but that’s not going to stop me from planning! this lovely @cottonandsteel fabric is from @sewmesunshine.uk. i used the 10% off code alittlelawnparty #alittlelawnparty #lovemorningswitheve
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It’s a snowy morning here. i actually didn’t believe the forecast as it was so nice yesterday and soaked lots of ranunculus and anemone corms thinking i would plant them today πŸ˜† at least i will have time to make the megan nielsen sudley dress i cut out last night!
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Good morning everyone! i have two unwell children at home today so i’m not sure how productive it’s going to be! one of them is being sick all over the house (he doesn’t keep still even when he’s ill πŸ˜‚). i am determined to do some sewing one way or another. do you find it hard to get going again after a break?
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I was sent this beautiful ikat cotton fabric by @fiberstofabric. it arrived incredibly quickly, i wasn’t expecting to see it for a few weeks! i planned to make a pair of @frenchnavynow calyer trousers but now i’m considering a kochi kimono with the sequin trim around the neckline. what would you make?
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It’s the first day of a little lawn party with me and @handmadebyditsytulip! i’m really looking forward to planning spring projects in pretty colours. i’ve tagged all our sponsors in this post so please go and have a look at their sites for inspiration 😊 i’ve also written a blog post with ideas, the link is in my profile. #alittlelawnparty
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Thank you all so much for your kindness on my last post. i really appreciate everyone who took the time to comment and the lovely genuine messages i received. tomorrow is the launch of #alittlelawnparty, so it’s definitely going to be a good day πŸ™ŒπŸ½
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This picture was supposed to be for #miymarch18 cosy as there’s nothing cosier than this esme cardigan. unfortunately just before i took it, a man decided to verbally abuse me in the street and ruin my day. i was disturbed especially as he kept turning back and repeating his threats but once it was safe i decided to stay and take the picture and not let him win. i think some self care sewing is in order today πŸ’–
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The fresh flower company are making my ranunculus dreams come true today! these ones are so beautiful but i actually chose some others which are equally lovely πŸ’•
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#miymarch18 lounge : this #seamworkalmada was upcycled from a vintage sari, it’s floaty and pretty but i prefer my loungewear a bit cosier! at home i’m usually in my turquoise hudson pants with a jumper or big cardigan.
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I tested this super cute little #weebrawbag pouch for @laura_zuckerkuss. perfect for little treasures and there is also a bigger size for knitting projects. i used some leftover flutter fabric from @thefabricfox with scraps from my stash for the lining. i also remembered this @annamariahorner ribbon in my stash for the tag (swipe for details), and used the selvedge for the casing at the top. find the pattern in laura’s shop tomorrow 😊
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I used these flutter prints from @thefabricfox recently to make a dress for noura, and i have enough left for a test project for @laura_zuckerkuss which will make use of the pretty selvedge.
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A relaxed morning after a restless night with two children crowding the bed. my husband thought it would be nice to wake me up with a mother’s day cup of tea at 6.50am before he went for a bike ride πŸ€”#miymarch18 wearing my morgan jeans
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You could argue i got a bit carried away with this picture, because #whpπŸ¦„ 😁thanks @iffyhoque for a lovely afternoon and a present that is top of the favourite toys list
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#miymarch18 precious: i still can’t decide what to make with these beautiful fabrics. probably a coco style jacket in the embroidered floral but i’d welcome ideas for them all!
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I saved these #linguadifuoco beans last summer and just shelled the dried beans today. they look like pretty speckled eggs 😍 i have more than i need, so i have enough to give away to three followers (sorry uk based only). dm me if you’d like to try growing them!
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Frida take two : today is book day again. of course i couldn’t find the book (see the first frida a few posts ago) and frankly the enthusiasm had waned but we have a well stocked library and this book is also a favourite. she’s been working on her fierce frida glare @kateisdrawing @bloomsburypublishing
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I’m so happy to see people joining in with #alittlelawnparty with me and @handmadebyditsytulip! i’ve been looking through my pretty liberty stash and trying to pick which one i want to use. have you chosen your fabric and pattern yet? i’d love to know which patterns you think would be a good choice!
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It's #internationalwomensday and i'm in a reflective mood. i was raised to want to achieve and my parents did their best to make that happen. they sent us to the best schools they could, they drove us to and from countless weekend camps and courses, to duke of edinburgh expeditions and bought us all the books we wanted. if only all women in the world had the opportunities we all do in this country, and had people behind them that wanted them to succeed. muslim women especially are not given the opportunities they deserve, not by religion but by the cultures they are born into, and when they do succeed, they aren't given the credit they deserve. let's all help each other to achieve and succeed and not let perceived differences keep women apart. #miymarch18 : latest make @grainlinestudio yates coat and @closetcase.patterns morgan jeans #grainlinestudio #grainlineyates #morganjeans
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I planted two scabiosa plants last week and went to have a look at them after the snow melted.. they’re a bit sad looking but they survived πŸ™ŒπŸ½ i might start seed sowing this week and have some sweetpeas ready to go out soon too.
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