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High Tea & Tableware Hire
[ p i c n i c ] ⠀

so this happened today....a gorgeous summer party for our lovely client. ⠀

a "summer party" you ask? well why the heck not!? ⠀

and i decided i'm not a fan of the pallets anymore (i'm a woman, it's my prerogative) so dad whipped up these low lying trestles up for me at the last minute while i was away (the husband is so not handy 🙄😂)⠀

how good are dads?☺️
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High Tea & Tableware Hire
Another from my new crush @sugaredfigpaperie how gorgeous are these suites? 💫
3 48 2 days ago


High Tea & Tableware Hire
Happy valentines day lovers 💋⠀

cupcake @sweetcouturesydney with our cute new server 💘
2 73 3 days ago


High Tea & Tableware Hire
Watching this doco (fyre: the greatest party that never happened) to an event planner is akin to watching the texas chainsaw massacre to your average joe.
you gotta watch it but it hurts your eyes, your mind and your soul to do so 😱😂
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High Tea & Tableware Hire
[ c l i e n t]
a beautiful alice in wonderland themed bridal shower we were lucky to be a part of last year @thekylebay ♣️♥️♠️ ⠀
florals, design & styling @missfleuriste
vintage tableware & teapots @thevintagekitchen
tableware, glasses, cutlery, linens @prettypedestals
furniture hire, signage & props @ashdownandbee
cake & desserts @sweetbloomcakes
photographer @nattneephotography
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High Tea & Tableware Hire
[ s t a t i o n e r y ] ⠀

how good is a wax seal? it's super easy to have a custom stamp made for your event to make it that extra bit fancy pants like this one by stationery crush @sugaredfigpaperie 💫
4 58 5 days ago


High Tea & Tableware Hire
[ t v k t i p ]⠀

did you know that bone china should be regularly submerged in water in order to keep it stong? ⠀

leaving it in the china cabinet for decoration (looking at you nana!) does it no good as it will become brittle and more easily damaged. ⠀

so use the darn stuff! life's too short to just watch it get covered in dust. and if you still can’t bring yourself to see sense you can always borrow ours 💋
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High Tea & Tableware Hire
[ l o v e ]⠀

"if you live to be one hundred. i want to live to be one hundred minus one day so i never have to live without you" - winnie the pooh⠀

image @stephanieweberphotog
1 64 2 weeks ago


High Tea & Tableware Hire
[ t h e c a k e ] ⠀

ahh the cake - my most looked forward part of any wedding! ⠀

looking back, i wished we'd cut the cake immediately after our ceremony and served it to our guests while they mingled rather than waiting until the end of the night when it seems to get cut and then forgotten about⠀

photographers @momentsphotographyau

stylist @sugarblossomevents

tableware @thevintagekitchen

furniture @willow_tree_vintage

cake @sugarpot4me

florist @flower_stories

signage @willowandink

dress @louisealvarezcouture
model @camidasilva
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High Tea & Tableware Hire
Such dramatic love 😂
3 72 2 weeks ago


High Tea & Tableware Hire
[ s t y l e ]⠀

if i could fill our entire feed with these beautiful images for the rest of time i would 💘⠀

photography @ameliasoegijonophoto⠀
creative direction @oleaandfig⠀
flowers, decor and rentals @visually_creative⠀
tableware + stemware @thevintagekitchen⠀
venue @somerleys.weddings⠀
hmua @emmamcgillmakeup⠀
stationery @written_by_hand⠀
gown @emeraldbridal
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High Tea & Tableware Hire
[ c r y s t a l g l a s s w a r e ] ⠀

if your guests aren't sipping from cut crystal glassware at your event, you're not doing it right 💅🏻
1 52 2 weeks ago