Anna As I mentioned in my first post, this Instagram account is dedicated to my pets - thee cats and a dog.
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If you have never been to a #puppyparty you don’t know how to party! pups from @koreank9rescue and @muddypawsrescuenyc joined @fosterdogs and @iheartradio for one awesome afternoon of fun and games. just based on the response received we’re suggesting that #puppyparties should become part of employee benefits πŸ˜‰ #adoptablepuppies #bestpartyever #puppiesknowhowtoparty
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Another trip to the vet πŸ€•
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Sunday calls for a giant kong 😁
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This is what i have deal with every time i sit down to watch tv πŸ™„
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My little patient is not happy. “hooman, get this thing out of my face 😑”
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My baby girl is walking πŸ˜πŸŽ‰
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Elusive recluse blue in his natural habitat 🀣. blue s the weirdest of my cats - he gets along with all other cats (even monica 😲), but is terrified of humans 🀷🏻‍♀️
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Spa day. our customary before and after. once again, monica is not amused 🀣
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Someone is feeling better 😁
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yesterday was a long and difficult saga in our quest to get another foster (which has been ongoing for a while now.) unfortunately, things didn’t work out. tears were shed, hearts were broken. πŸ’” but the story that matters is this girl’s. 2 year old brooklyn was reportedly found as a stray, but her beautiful coat and teeth speak to having had a home. when we met her we were struck by her gorgeous green human-like eyes, her snoot freckles and her dainty fawn cow spots. πŸ„ i suspect her last owner was a man, because we were told she was shy, but she immediately dive bombed into zac’s lap, licked his entire body, and eventually fell asleep in full belly-up position. she walks well on leash without pulling, wants to say hi to other dogs on the street but will walk past calmly if you ask, ignored our cat when she saw her, let me clip her nails with no issues, and is house-trained. the reason she’s not with us at this very minute is that she has an intense fear of being confined and could not relax while being kept crated or gated away from brody, a necessity in our house. 🚧 she is definitely a velcro dog. i think she’d do so well in a foster home where she could have full run of the place to recover from her cold and whatever else she’s been through. right now she is in isolation at manhattan acc due to kennel cough, which means public adopters can’t see her. please share her and help us find her a foster or forever home where she’ll get the belly rubs and endless love this mama needs. photo by @mishap212
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Just look at this model! #repost @fosterdogs with @get_repost
yogi bear is feeling refreshed, new, and ready to go home with you! 🏠 on today’s #seniorsunday, we bring to you this sweet ‘ol 11 year #shihtzu. yogi bear unfortunately had a bit of a rough patch in the past - when we pulled him from an nyc shelter last month, he needed a full grooming, 🦷 dental care, and a πŸ₯ health checkup. • ⏭ fast forward to today, and he looks and feels like a new dog! yogi bear does however have a heart murmur (quite common in older dogs,) is a bit hard of hearing, and lacks teeth (so he would enjoy soft food!) but none of these will affect him being a great addition to your home, as he is a fantastic #seniordog! he’s house trained and crate trained! • check out yogi bear here at bit.ly/adoptyogibear 🐻♥️
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Can someone please explain to my cat that this is not the way to drink water? πŸ™„πŸ€¦‍♀️
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