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I got rly sad last night from abby’s last episode so it motivated me to make this edit. i love clayton reeves with all my heart and it’s so sad to see his pass. his character was charming and funny. i did not include reeves in this video because of poor quality of the video. if there’s a better quality video of reeves’ death, please send it to me and i’ll add it into this video. i’m tired of the writers writing out characters whom we love but that’s how it is and we have to respect that. the writers are doing and have been doing what’s best for the show and ncis can’t be any better. i’m thankful for the 3 seasons of kate, few episodes of cassidy, 5 years of jenny, 8 years of ziva, 13 years of tony, and 15 years of abby. i couldn’t appreciate anything more and even tho we all play favorites in this fandom, deep down we always love every single team member. ncis can’t go on forever, as much as we all want to. cherish this sensational show while it lasts because one day, we’ll all going to be crying over the last episode ever. as much as you hate the writers for writing “bad” endings for the characters, just know they did the best they did for the show. at the end of the day, either you hate or love the the writers, we’re all here for ncis. we’re all here for the love of ncis
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