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Day by day i am feeling better.  this week i started rehab with #coroxtraining including easy training on the rollers.
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After one week recovery @home most of the wounds are gone. in two weeks my vertebra will be checked in the hospital and i hope to be back on the bike soon.
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I want to thank my fans, all members of my #teamkatushaalpecin and the medical staff from the #tourdefrance for the great support.
just arrived home now and looking forward to some nice time with my family. hope to be back soon.
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That's they way my #tourdefrance 2018 ended. i broke a vertebra and have to rest around 5 weeks.
so sad to leave the team now! keep going mates!
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Hard fights on the road but also good friendships aside of it.
that's cycling, that's #tourdefrance
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Short but hard day. 35km ttt and a long way with 4 guys to the finish😅 9th place at the end and our gc man @zakarin444 still in good position
#teamkatushaalpecin #tourdefrance
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Start of #tourdefrance is coming closer. today teampresentation in #larochesuryon photo @tdwsport
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8th title in the nationals and a lot of moral for the #tourdefrance
tomorrow roadrace and full gas ahead for @marcelkittel
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Today german championships tt in #einhausen
feeling in the recon was good. start 17.41oclock
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Back on the tt sattle to prepare for german championships and #tourdefrance . i feel good after #giroditalia and i hope to proof it soon🤞🤞🤞 #teamkatushaalpecin
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I have a great rest on mallorca to recover from #giroditalia . tomorrow serious training restart to prepare for #tourdefrance .
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Happy to finish today the #giroditalia and get home after almost 4 weeks✌😀
great backdrop in #roma for the last stage.
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