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“i wanted to create something that represented inner peace for me,” says freelance artist and graphic designer nathalie huijbers (@visualpotions ) about her digital composition titled “inner tranquility.”⁣

“all my works are inspired by elements i have always felt drawn to: nature, flowers, dusk, clouds, the night, the sky, the moon, space and stars. i always create a work based on the current feelings or mood i experience.⁣

i usually look at something with the thought: ‘how can i make this look ethereal or make something surreal happen here?’⁣

i hope i can pull people into my worlds and give them a certain emotion in doing so, to distract them from anything that’s going on in their lives — even if it’s just for a moment.”⁣


photo illustration by @visualpotions
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#hellofrom guadalupe island, mexico. 🦈 ⁣
we are dreaming of this protected ecosystem’s clear waters. ⁣

the remote island, 150 miles (240 kilometers) off mexico’s baja california peninsula, is one of the world’s best locations for observing great white sharks... like this one that is about to breach.⁣

photo by @andy_mann
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After a spa day, meemu is ready for the spotlight. 🛁⭐️🐩⁣

with 20 years of experience as a professional dog groomer, jess rona (@jessronagrooming ) knows how to give our pets the star treatment they deserve, and her poodle mix, meemu, is more than happy to help demonstrate.⁣

“my favorite thing is seeing people’s faces when they get their dog back,” says the los angeles-based groomer. “especially for people who bring in a really dirty messy dog, and i do a full makeover. it keeps them healthy and feeling good.”⁣

today on our story, jess shows us how to #trythisathome, and meemu shows us just how much he loves it.⁣

video and photo by @jessronagrooming
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Slidin’ into another stay-at-home weekend like... 🤪⁣
with tegan (@minitegan ), a small but sassy miniature dachshund who’s found a way to entertain herself behind closed doors. #weeklyfluff⁣

video by @minitegan
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Whether you’re standing tall, “pumping iron” or chillin’ like a chinchilla, we all deserve a reason to smile. 🙂⁣

for more posts from the community that shared the power of joy, check out our story.⁣

illustration by @mkoby_; videos by @suerte_sue and @scaf_oner
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Good vibes at your fingertips, courtesy of @nuka.nails . 💅🏼💯🤩

kadimah aaliyah tackie (@kaddyfromthewest ) and anouska scarlet anastasia ryan (@anouskaanastasia ), the owners of the london nail salon, create nail art inspired by music, fashion and fun times. the duo started their business with the idea that anyone and everyone can express themselves through nail art.

kadimah and anouska agree that no matter your age, gender or race, anyone can wear amazing nails.

ready to try? today and tomorrow, @timeoutlondon and @timeoutnewyork are going live with inspiring businesses like @nuka.nails , as part of our small business festival #experienceldn and #experiencenyc. check it out right now.

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Kai lightner (@kailightner ) has always had a passion for climbing.⁣

“as an adhd kid, i would find ways to climb everything around the house and everywhere i went in public,” says the 20-year-old professional rock climber. kai won his first youth national championship at 10 years old, the youth world championships at 14, and at 15 he won the first of his two adult national championship titles. “one of the many obstacles in increasing minority participation and creating an inclusive environment in the outdoor industry is the lack of representation for bipoc athletes.⁣

growing up rock climbing, i was always very aware i was different. i would always be the only black person in every climbing environment and none of my friends from my neighborhood understood why i enjoyed the sport. the lack of representation and black role models in rock climbing made it hard for them to visualize what success for us looked like in my sport.⁣

however, i recognize that my achievements have opened the door for other young black athletes to have the role model i never had. i believe that seeing accomplished athletes that look like you, or come from similar backgrounds, can serve as motivation and inspiration to young athletes.⁣

stereotypes don’t have to limit your possibilities; you can participate and be successful in any activity you set your mind to, regardless of societal expectations.”⁣


photo of @kailightner by @shanemesser86
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Holland (@holland_vvv ) has taken an unconventional path and fiercely independent approach to his music career from the start. the first openly g*y k-pop idol, holland manages his own image and crowdfunds his music to maintain artistic control.⁣

the video for holland’s 2018 debut release “neverland” featured the singer’s same-sex kiss. it gained a million online views overnight and grew his global audience. “i make music with the inspiration and life lessons i have gained in mind. that’s how i grew on my own and forged my bond with my fans. my work itself is an embodiment of holland. k-pop, or music these days in general, blends sound, melody, lyrics, photos, videos and even fashion. as such, it lets me heal my wounds and helps me enrich myself culturally. i can’t live without music now.”⁣

holland came out in middle school and takes his name from the country which was the first to legalize same-sex marriage. “the people who were the greatest source of strength for me when i was getting bullied at school were pop artists that openly supported the lgbtq community,” he says. “i resolved to become the kind of person with social influence who could be a source of strength for the little hollands later on.” #thisweekoninstagram⁣

photo by @holland_vvv
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“my paintings can be called visual music,” says painter and educator kildren (@kildren ), who creates both digital and analog pieces inspired by music and the people who make it. “all my paintings coexist with realistic parts and abstract elements,” he explains. “balance is as important as composition.”

but above all else, kildren’s art, including this portrait of korean-american rapper jay park (@jparkitrighthere ), is made as a fan of the musicians he respects. #thisweekoninstagram

illustration by @kildren
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Lia kim (@liakimhappy ) took her first dance class at 15 and hasn’t stopped moving since. “my dance style is a combination of popping, hip-hop, waacking, vogueing and contemporary,” says the choreographer, who first gained recognition by participating in street dance battles.⁣

lia is responsible for some of k-pop’s most iconic dance routines and co-founded the 1million dance studio (@1milliondance ) — which extends from its physical location in seoul, south korea, to a massive global audience online. “in korea, there weren’t many opportunities given to dancers or choreographers. i felt it was incredibly important for the dancers to be able to have a place where they can truly be the artists, rather than being seen as backup dancers for singers and the support for other artists,” she explains.⁣

“it’s an amazing feeling to see that people are watching my dances and feeling inspired to cover my choreography and upload their videos.” #thisweekoninstagram⁣

photo by @liakimhappy
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#hellofrom ivalo, lapland, finland. we’re currently dreaming of this glass-domed building that offers the perfect vantage point to watch the northern lights at night.⁣

photo by @giuliogroebert
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Yes, she’s real. ⁣

meet october (@littlebittyoctober ), an itty-bitty, wide-eyed persian cat who — according to her human — is just as sweet as she looks. 👅⁣ #weeklyfluff
photo by @littlebittyoctober
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