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Who is getting ready for this years @safaricommarathon ?πŸƒ‍β™€οΈπŸƒ‍♂️
when we run together, we protect our future!

last year, the tusk safaricom marathon raised $673,000 for conservation and community projects kenya-wide.

we wanted to share with you a couple of stories from the projects that benefit from the funds raise by this incredible event every year!
starting with the mt. kenya trust’s joint wildlife patrol team (jwpt), a team of civilian patrol men led by edwin kinyanjui. funds from the #marathon has allowed this team to continue their work protecting the mt kenya forest.
the jwpt has patrolled mt. kenya on foot since 2008, braving harsh terrain, high altitude and putting their lives on the line to curb illegal activity in the mt. kenya forest. undeterred by these tough conditions, the team has had significant impact- deactivating hundreds of snares intended for large and small animals, finding poacher hide-outs and educating the community.

today, elephants roam freely in the mt. kenya forest once more, indigenous tree species are flourishing and the community is starting to recognize the importance of conservation. @mountkenyatrust
follow our page for more updates from our project parterns!
@lewa_wildlife @safaricomplc_
footage: steve toom
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We live in a world full of animals, insects, plants and creatures but a large number of them are at risk of extinction... today is #endangeredspeciesday! the definition of an endegered species is: "a species that is considered to be facing a very high risk of extinction in the wild"! tusk works with 60 project partners across africa in an effort to make sure no more animals, insects, plants or creatures go extinct under our watch... please help us continue our work with our project partnes by donating to tusk - just click on the πŸ”—in our bio ☝️. πŸ˜€

can you name all 9 animals below?
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Who will be the 2018 #tuskaward finalists? the judges met up today to shortlist this year's finalists.
thank you to investec asset management south africa for hosting the judges at your london offices! @investec
keep an eye on our page as the finalists will be announced soon! .
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Saying hello to kitui at @lewa_wildlife ...! kitui is a 3yr old black rhino currently being raised on lewa wildlife conservancy. 🦏🦏🦏
lewa conservancy supports abundant wildlife including a population of endangered black rhinos and white rhinos!
tusk has been a major partner of lewa since it’s inception. our first donation was of two white rhino in 1995. we also funded the first wildlife relocation of 15 giraffe from lewa to namunyak wildlife conservation trust!
thanks for all your incredible work @lewa_wildlife .
@landrover africa @landrover _uk @landrover .
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We spent the morning with ngare ndare forest trust. it was incredible to hear that in november and december last year, they planted 39,000 seedlings, that's huge!! 🌱🌱🌱 ngare ndare is a lush, indigenous forest which forms a vital corridor between mount kenya and the lewa wildlife conservancy. it is an important elephant migration route as well as providing habitat for rhino, lions, and other species. ngare ndare is one of the few forests in kenya with an increasing canopy cover, due to the annual planting of over 50,000 indigenous trees from the nnft tree nursery.
a grant from tusk in 2013 was used to put up a 13.5km fence on the forest boundary, with very positive results for human-wildlife conflict. since then tusk funds have been used to cover various operating expenses, enabling the nnft to continue activities such as maintaining fences and holding the annual tree planting event, as well as covering staff salaries and equipment costs.

thank you for all the work you do ngare ndare forest trust. @landrover @landrover _uk @landrover africa
follow our page to hear more great stories from our project partners! .
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A huge congratulations to oliver nsengimana who on the 25th april 2018 was the winner of the whitley award donated by the savitri waney charitable trust, for his work conserving #rwanda’s emblematic grey crowned crane!
oliver was also a tusk award for conservation finalist in 2016 for his incredible work and the rwanda wildlife conservation association (rwca) is one of tusk's project partners. πŸ‘
tusk funding has helped to educate, engage, and improve livelihoods of local communities around rugezi marshland and akagera national park. in rugezi rwca worked with an existing cooperative of ex-poachers, establishing a pig farm as an alternative income source and training them as marsh rangers to assist with law enforcement and crane monitoring. in akagera they distributed a conservation comic book to school children, educating them about cranes and discouraging them from taking eggs and chicks, and also ran a workshop for local leaders to raise awareness and improve law enforcement. intended to tackle poaching and trade at the source, these actions led to an increase in reporting of illegal activities as well as improved understanding of the situation among the target groups.

congratulations oliver! thank you for all you have done to protect the grey crowned cranes.
to watch what oliver has been up to click on the link https://youtu.be/ockc0hi0lku

follow our page to hear about our project partners and what they are up doing.
rwanda wildlife conservation association - rwca .
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Women for conservation: a first step towards africa's first people's park πŸ’ƒπŸ»
tusk has recently begun supporting the ground-breaking efforts of irdnc (integrated rural development and nature conservation) in protecting #namibia’s spectacular kunene region through a genuine partnership between communal conservancies and the government. through the kunene people's park, irdnc are looking to eventually put 1 million hectares of namibia’s spectacular kunene region under special protection. this region is home to desert adapted elephant, black rhino, giraffe, lion and cheetah. what makes this plan different from conventional national parks is that it builds on and enhances community ownership of wildlife and natural resources. πŸ‘Œ
to read all about the first key actions towards this click on the link πŸ”— in our bio ☝️
thanks to integrated rural development and nature conservation (irdnc) for sharing these images and update with us. .
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This little #cheetah cub has been given a second chance thanks to @ccfcheetah πŸ‘Œ
ccf was informed of a small cheetah cub that was orphaned in the khomas region of #namibia. the ministry of environment and tourism (met) contacted us on friday and ccf staff drove out to meet a farmer reported that someone had dropped off a cub at her farm. the farmer was looking after the cub for about a week but she became concerned when the cub started to have health problems. the farmer was not able to provide the right level of care necessary for the cub.

ccf combats livestock loss to wild predators by providing livestock guarding dogs, which typically reduce losses by over 80%. it also trains farmers in proven predator-friendly farming methods, and other aspects of farming from vaccination programmes to business practices. the field research & education centre hosts school groups for two-day courses, with over 15,000 students attending to date, whilst the school outreach programme has reached over 300,000 more around the country. research is another key element, with ongoing studies conducted on cheetah ecology, behaviour and genetics. the ccf has also been very active in international efforts to combat trade in these animals as exotic pets.

tusk has funded ccf to help implement this integrated programme. close collaboration with local people combined with extensive awareness raising and rigorous research make it a model we are proud to support.

follow our page for more updates from our project partners.
video credits πŸ“Έ: cheetah conservation fund - ccf uk
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A massive thank you and congratulations to all the members of team tusk participating in the #londonmarathon2018 today. all the weeks of hard training saw everyone do incredibly well, and the funds raised will make a very big difference to our conservation projects in africa. πŸƒ‍β™‚οΈπŸƒ‍β™€οΈπŸƒ‍β™‚οΈπŸƒ‍♀️
congratulations also to eliud kipchoge on winning. we were very proud to have hosted him at tusk’s #safaricommarathon at lewa wildlife conservancy, and we hope to see him run for kenya’s wildlife again soon!
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Thank you wcs yankari for sharing this image of the yankari's elephant guardians, proudly displaying their new tusk t-shirts!
the yankari game reserve is home to nigeria’s largest surviving elephant population, estimated at 350 individuals. poaching, human-elephant conflict and illegal cattle grazing also pose significant threats to the animals and the park. the wildlife conservation society (wcs) has been co-managing #yankari, with the bauchi state government since 2009, by supporting park staff and local communities.

tusk has funded essential equipment for the 12 #elephant guardians to conduct their work in combatting human-elephant conflict around the park.
with one of the largest elephant populations in west africa, the protection of the yankari game reserve is a conservation priority. facing many challenges, this project needs ongoing support to keep these animals and their habitat safe.

thank you wcs yankari for all you the great work you do! @thewcs
follow our page for more update from our project partners. .
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The waterberg area of limpopo province holds over 2,000 #rhinos - the third largest population in south africa. unfortunately, there is no government or ngo protection for these animals, and the area is regularly targeted by poachers supplying the international rhino horn trade. save the waterberg rhino (stwr) was set up 2012 to enhance security in the area, for the benefit of the rhinos and the local communities. @save_the_waterberg_rhino 🦏🦏🦏
stwr's mission is to protect and conserve rhino populations in the general waterberg biosphere area in order to preserve the natural environment and benefit local communities through the enhancement of general security, education and sustainable social upliftment.

tusk has supported swrt since 2013 with a series of grants, including one to assist with the construction of the waterberg reaction joint operational command.
follow our page for more updates from our project partners.
thank you to wild revolution for sharing this image. .
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