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I saw this on @didyouknowgamingfacts post how it said super mario 64 sold 12 million units along with mario kart (10m) and 700 goldeneye 64 (8m). i did the math by taking the price of the n64 cartridge of $50 back when it was sold in the 90s by āœ–. super mario 64 is $600m, mario kart by $500m, and goldeneye by $400m. add them all up it is $1.5 billion. less than $12.4 billion on the 62 million nes units sold at a price of $200. #mathematics #simplemath #n64cartridge #n64cartridges #supermario64 #mariokart64 #goldeneye64 #mindblown #worldrecord #guinnessworldrecord #impressive #nintendo
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Tekwar is an fps shooter game developed by capstone entertainment in 1995 based on the book william shatner's tekwar. there are things i didn't touch up on the information yesterday about capstone entertainment. the tag line reads "the pinical of entertainment software" which i'm sorry to say is a bit of a understatement. i've mentioned previously that they made two fps shooter games before tekwar being the 3rd fps game used the ken silverman's build engine which made the games a copy paste knockoffs of wolfenstine, or doom. except the npcs in tekwar are digitized characters which is something you see in mortal kombate arcade games. before that quake became the first fully 3d rendered fps shooter game that blew all of fps shooter games out of the water in 1994. the rest was history. #capstoneentertainment #tekwar #fpsshooter #fpsgame #worstgametobuy #cloneknockoff #kensilvermansbuildengine #quakeengine #fpsgeneria #90sgamecompany #deadcompany #titussoftware
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I don't know which company sounds worst from the 90s, capstone entertainment, or titus software? #opinion #capstoneentertainment #titussoftware #whichoneisworse #deadcompany #worstgamesever #videogamecrashof1983 #soundsfamiliardoesntitšŸ¤” #soundsfamiliar
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Capstone entertainment is a company i've never even heard of from the 90s until i got the full story. capstone entertainment tried to make fps shooter games to rival other companies like 3d realms, raven software, monolith by gt interactive, and id software by making a game using the ken silverman's build engine to create fps shooter games which are clones to doom and wolfenstine. until 1995 they made a fps game based on a book william shatner made called tekwar. but by then john carmack and john romero from id software created quake which is a fully 3d environment and character models on the quake engine they have developed which it blew tekwar out of the water capstone made. including elder scrolls 2 daggerfall. capstone cest to exist. #capstoneentertainment #tekwar #williamshatnerstekwar #worstfpsshooter #kensilvermansbuildengine #cyberpunk #scifi
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Postal 2 is a fps shooter game that my uncle played when he was in high school. this game is... controversial to put it simple. the game is not bad it p****d the postal workers off hearing the term going postal. this is the reasons why dictionaries are invented to not confused the public. have you ever seen mtvs celebrity deathmatch how it's known for wacky violence, and cometic humer? that's the feel to this game only it has misadventures and violence. i would give a rating for this game, but people are going to look at me funny and asking questions. this is made by running with scissors. #postal2 #fpsshooter #pcgame #2004game #whomadethis #runningwithscissors #weirdgame #apocalypseweekend #lostinparidise #controversial
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Robocop for the xbox and on pc is the worst fps shooter ever made by titus software. which you may remember they're the ones who made superman 64 in 1999. what so worst about it is that it has no checkpoints meaning if you died at any point you're going back to the beginning of the level and no save features in this game. technically it does have a save option only beating the level. this game sucks, so don't buy it. #worstthingtobuy #worstgameever #worstgametobuy #xboxgame #pcgame #titussoftware #dontbuyit #whomadethis #garbage
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I've never heard of vivisector until i did some looking and found out that this was going to be another duke nukem game: wild safari. the developers had to cancel this idea of a game, but retooled it as an original game. it has a military mission conspiracy, island of dr monroe, and the feels of return to castle of wolfenstine. if they made a remake of this game i say it be a good game to be honest. 5 out of 5. #vivisector #dukenukemgame #dukenukemwildsafari #cyberpunk #islandofdrmoreau #scifi #pcgame #greatideagame
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These whole dmca thing people are doing is bull shit. it's like insurance. people who you cared about lost their lives, or properties that you have got vandalized or destroyed you're rewarded money on the claims you made. i get the destruction of property makes sense, but life insurance i find it unnecessary. but what's really wores is that you got people who are so greedy they don't give a f**k about anyone, or their property just to get more money, same thing with dmca. people who is making a review, an opinion, or criticing on a person, place, or thing people will dmca it just to generate money off it from your own content you put into it even though it's under fair use. like digital homicide did back at 2015 and 16 trying to dmca jim stirling's review of their s**t games because it is total s**t that james romaine from digital homicide doesn't like criticism very much that he is trying to sue jim stirling on said review he made on them twice and suing the100 people said the game is shit. #thisbullshit #youknowwhatsbullshit #serialdmca #whyisthisevenhere #whothefuckcameupwiththis #thisisfuckingbullshit #demonitized #monitized #youtubewtf #youtubefixyourshit
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Rock me amadeus by falco 1985. #falco #rockmeamadeus #amadeus #80smusic #2019 #falco1985
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