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Trying to select the new #headshot ... maybe i'll take a poll ... thoughts
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Love my friday night dinner dates! til next time darling @lil.zoe617 and @jayjaramillo
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This week's #chefspecial #calamari #stirfry #sweetchilisauce 😁👉 for full description ... not #keto but it sure is #yummy
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#santaanawinds can make beautiful days along the coast. #lml #inlovewithlife
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It's do pretty out. i'm standing on the patio with the sun on my back and it feels so good. the sky is clearing up it's going to be q gorgeous but cool eveving. enjoy. 😁🙏🏽 #lml #inlovewithlife #hbfishshop
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I love my crazy tribe! this is what they're doing while i'm working! yes the one in the orange is mine all mine!❤😘🙏🏽 love you guys. glad you're having fun.
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Tonight's #ktlafindfind ... i'm tempted to try the oaxtial. i know it's been out there all day, but dont forget, i'm training for the big one. when it comes, we may be eating old, moldy food, so i'm prepping my insides for the day. 😆🙏🏽 thoughts?
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Surprise! great things happen all the time, like running into @prbizmom at the #redondobeachchamber luncheon. representing @hbfishshop ... #lml
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Here's 20 seconds of waves for you in case you're stuck inside for a minute.
high #surf and dangerous #ripcurrents but beautiful. #inlovewithlife #lml
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