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I had a fab time last night seeing @kit_astrophy launch her pamphlet ‘how to lose your shadow’, the first release from her brand new v exciting small press umbrella poetry!! πŸŒ‚β›± i love love love this collection and just want everyone to read it, if you check out the press on fb you can stay up to date with online sales etc once those are up and running, but in the meantime you can buy ‘em in travelling man on goodramgate! * [id: kit rayne’s pamphlet how to lose your shadow against a brown wooden table surface, with a glass to the top right corner. the pamphlet cover created by @mouse_miller is a black and white illustration of two arms hugging legs in the bath against a brown background. end id] * * * #poetrycommunity #smallpress #poetrypublisher #umbrellapoetry
1 17 4 weeks ago
Nipped into a&e last night and they wanted to give me a medication that they couldn’t because they didn’t have any. it’s ok and i’m fine but it kind of shook me up. but like nhs problems aside i was reading vanessa kisuule’s a recipe for scorcery while i was there and i just love how she talks about the body. [id: two photos of an open book page, in the first picture you can see some chairs, blue hospital floors, a wooden door and my black boots in the background. in the second you can see more of the page, but above the page you can also see part of the hospital wall and two wooden doors. the first page reads “your bones need something to dance in” and the second one is: “take up space in any way you choose don’t wear your body as if this sacred passage of skin nerves and blood-rush restlessness were an accident a graceless misstep of fate of fortune when you hold yourself with joy and purpose no misguided man can ever make a wounded elegy of your flesh” end id] #vanessakisuule #nhs #cripplepunk #chronicpain #poetry
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Found this waiting for me at home today! its so good, thank you so much for including my work in this @glitterwurst and also for all the cute stickers on the envelope πŸ’š plz check out this and other editions of the "all in your head" zine on etsy, the shop name is glitterwurst!
6 23 last month
Another extract from new year new you. i performed this for the first time this week and someone came up after to tell me i should try laughing more instead of crying and then gave me a flyer for a laughter class so i mean it could have been worse but . . . . #depression #anxiety #mentalillness #poetrycommunity #queerpoetry #neoliberalism #sadgirlsclub #cripplepunk
0 25 December 2017
'nother lil bit. this one is from a piece called roadkill about dating and being scared of men. my metaphors might be hacky and unoriginal but at least i'm on brand πŸ‘ . . . . . #dating #patriarchy #catperson #anxiety #poetry
0 13 December 2017
Lil bit from a new poem called new year new you where i come to the predictable conclusion that this is in fact not the case at all . . . . . #poetry #newyear #depression #anxiety #mentalhealth #cripplepunk #crying
0 20 December 2017
I read my poem about tyler's death at the disability workshop and afterwards people asked me about cripple punk and that was lovely and excruciating so here's the definition . . . . #cripplepunk #twdeath #death #disabilityactivism #disabled #?? idk how to tag this
0 21 December 2017
Ahh i have had such brilliant afternoon at @exploreyorklibrary with say owt, the york independent living network and @jackiehagan for our afternoon of poetry workshopping and open mic. thank you so much to everyone who came πŸ’™ york folk please remember whether you attended or not if you identify as disabled you can send submissions for our zine commemorating the event to info@sayowt.co.uk with "disability pride zine" in the subject line! we would all love to hear from you!! . . . . . . #york #yorkexplore #poetry #disabledpoets #disabledwriters #yorkarts #sayowt #openmic #disabilitypride #disabledhistorymonth #disabilityhistorymonth
1 22 December 2017
Saturday, 1-4pm we have the brilliant @jackiehagan coming over for our afternoon of poetry as part of disability history month, the theme of which this year is art woohoo! πŸŽ΅πŸ“ƒπŸŽ¨ come for however much of it you'd like, we understand fatigue! βœ‹ perform if you like, but no pressure! πŸ‘ event link in my bio! πŸ‘ * * * #york #disabledpoets #writing #poetrycommunity #ysj #uoy #activism #art #events
2 24 December 2017
I won the slam tonight!! i'm just feeling so flattered and grateful. say owt was the first place i ever read my poetry aloud, its a brilliant space that means a lot to me. this was my second time competing there and the standard is so high so a huge thank you to everyone who clapped, clicked waved or tapped, and very extra special thanks to @bananais13 for these photos and for being my no. 1 fan ❀❀❀ . . . . #sayowtslam #sayowt #york #performancepoetry #poetryslam #disabledpoets #cripplepunk #babewithamobilityaid #feministpoetry #spokenword #disabilitypride
12 53 November 2017
Tonight! basement @ 7:30 πŸ‘ featuring special sets from local whizkid @ pritchkid and visiting whizadult @ montygristo πŸ‘
2 16 November 2017
Extract from a new poem i'll be doing tonight at the "slay on words" slam! 8pm at fossgate social πŸ’ƒ . [image description: text signed @violet_crimes_poetry in italics over an orange background, reading in unstylised font: "“so what did you do to yourself then?”/ i remove the headphone, irritated/ but resigned to the gutting./ you'd think by now i'd be prepared for this/ you'd think by now i'd be be at ease with this// but his words fall like hail at a picnic/ hard/ and quickly." note, read forward slashed as line breaks] . #poetry #disability #cripplepunk #ableism #poetryslam #york
1 28 November 2017
From #queerspaceyork - not gonna shut up yet bc urgh this night was so cute!! and even though i'm pulling a weird face in all of the photos it is a small price to pay for lovely softly lit photos of ur pals laughing n being pure and the odd one of u on stage to send to ur mum who really wants to come see ur shows but lives too far away and is sad about it. cherish ur community and appreciate them πŸ’œβœŠalso it/we raised £230 to split between @act4transhealth + york mind!! so a good night in all departments πŸ“· roosa aliisa photography fb
5 35 November 2017
Rest in power, tyler. * the news has trickled through our community slowly, and today i saw conformation of what i'd been suspecting, and dreading, since i saw something on here last week. i had just finished this draft when i checked twitter and learnt that tyler, the blogger responsible for me being confident enough to first start using a walking stick two years ago, had passed away. that today is the first day of disability history month, that this week was tdor, all of this brings a whole other layer of sharpness to losing the brilliant creator of the cripple punk community. i wouldn't be the proud, bitter, resistant crip i am today without their work, and i know so many of us are going to carry this with us for a long time. * they deserved better. * * * #cripplepunk #disabilitypride #cpunk #twdeath #poetrycommunity #disability
0 15 November 2017
"when society tells you to stop, keep walking" . this tdor please listen to this incredible poem and then show up, for the rest of your life, for our trans siblings. @kit_astrophy is one of the amazing performers i got to share a stage with on saturday for #queerspaceyork and an all round brilliant woman and writer, our local scene is so blessed tbh. . . . . #tdor #york #poetrycommunity #poetryslam
2 12 November 2017
Thank you for having me tonight #queerspaceyork πŸ’œπŸŒˆ this was such a warm, welcoming space to share some new work! . . . . #poetrycommunity #performancepoetry #york #dusk #q***r #feminism
3 22 November 2017
1 15 November 2017
Excerpt from "ice cream" aka my most recent attempt at being funny and not just depressing as s**t all the time but it turns out i actually hate dating sorry . [image description: text in a green background reading "of all the flavours/ you’d probably say you were/ pistachio because not everyone can tolerate you// i’d probably say you were peppermint/classic/ and bright/ (and clean)"] . . #icecream #poem #textpost
1 14 November 2017
"they won’t understand that when i say i am so stressed that my ears are bleeding, i am not speaking metaphorically" . i'm in bed rn working on a re-write of my poem "on living in a sick woman body" which i'm thinking about doing at the gig on friday. i first wrote this line agesssss ago but it's become relevent again, one of my second lobe piercings opened up last week, a few days after i'd been told my department are trying to kick me off my course because... they lost an assessment of mine. yup! i know it doesn't sound real but that's just how uoy treats disabled students. it's been a week since i sent them evidence showing they're wrong and they're yet to even say the exclusion is being cancelled, let alone apologise. sooo that's been my week. . πŸ“· from yesterday but it's just as gorgeous today, i just haven't made it downstairs yet (bad pain day). look at those perfect traffic light colours!! no filter they're just really gorgeous πŸ’šβ€πŸ’› i love love love my little house and it's little garden. i wish i could be outside more but in the meantime i will sit in bed, stewing, and make do with keeping my window open all day every day. . . . #ableism #stress #disabledstudents #disability #york #uniofyork #poetry #chonicillness #ehlersdanlossyndrome #twblood #nature
1 25 November 2017
From "i need you to stop being s****y to trans girls" - one of the poems i read tonight as per a special request ❀ it was a great lineup and tbh it wasn't my best performance- i was anxious and exhausted, but the people were lovely, the venue was packed, and uyai raised £312 to be split between amnesty international and refugee action york! πŸŽ‰ . . . . #slamnesty #york #dusk #amnestyinternational #poetrycommunity #refugeeswelcome #textpost #q***r #mentalhealth #chronicillness #radicalsoftnes #putterfsinthebin #feminism #feministpoetry
1 20 November 2017