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“it has flaws, but what does that matter when it comes to matters of the heart? we love what we love. reason does not enter into it. in many ways, unwise love is the truest love. anyone can love a thing because. that’s as easy as putting a penny in your pocket. but to love something despite. to know the flaws and love them too. that is rare and pure and perfect.”—patrick rothfuss

qotd: who are some of your favourite couples?

aotd: i love rowan and aelin, han and raisa, simon and baz, rhysand and feyre, kaz and inej, and day and june💕

i’m currently reading the wise man’s fear, and i have to say that patrick rothfuss is definitely one of my new favourite authors. not only is the main character kvothe amazing, but the world building, dialogue, and imagery is incredible. i’m just over halfway through reading it, and i’m dreading finishing it. anyone know anything about book 3?

thank you @britneyreads for tagging me to do #sevenbookishsins tag!
☀️greed (a book you won’t lend out): i’m usually pretty good with lending books but maybe my special edition of the song of achilles or throne of glass collectors edition.
☀️sloth (a book still unread): all of the harry potter books!
☀️gluttony (book you devoured): the name of the wind
☀️lust (bookish box set): daughter of smoke and bone
☀️wrath (disappointing read): sky in the deep
☀️vanity (pretty book): strange the dreamer
☀️envy (a world you want to live in): acotar!

i’ve been doing lots of planning for my next novel that i’ll be writing in april for #campnanowrimo anyone else doing it for april or july?

have you read the wicked king? what did you think? compared to the cruel prince, i really loved the wicked king, and i’m super excited for the final book!

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“words are pale shadows of forgotten names. as names have powers, words have power. words can light fires in the minds of men. words can wring tears from the hardest hearts.”—the name of the wind, patrick rothfuss

qotd: have you read any of the books here? what did you think? any recommendations?

these are the books i read in february:
1. the truth about forever (3.5⭐️)
2. mistborn (4.5⭐️)
3. the hating game (3.5⭐️)
4. the last olympian (3⭐️)
5. the lost hero (3⭐️)
6. the distance between us (2.5⭐️)
7. the writing life (2⭐️)

i just got back from disneyland and while i was there i read patrick rothfuss’s the name of the wind and it was amazing! i had such a hard time finishing it because i didn’t want it to end. have you read it? what did you think? i also just finished the secret history and i have some mixed thoughts because wow that was something else! i’ve just started reading the wise man’s fear and now i’m thinking about finding the slow regard of silent things, so at least i’ll have something to read after i cry about there not being a third book yet.

thank you @scythe_diana for tagging me to do the #mybookishaddictions tag💕
⚡️currently reading: the wise man’s fear
⚡️first book you read in 2019: still writing
⚡️book you would like to take on vacation: king of scars
⚡️book made in to a good film: i liked the hunger games!
⚡️book i’m adding to my tbr: the way of kings (because @thebookunicorns suggested it and it sounds amazing)

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Good morning! i hope everyone’s week has been going good. i managed to get to town, dig out the car and get to work the other day, but there’s so much snow. is it snowing there? •

i ended up reading the hating game the other day and it was super cute!! (if you have any more book recommendations like this please let me know) and i finally finished reading the last olympian last night. i’m excited to start reading his other books now, starting with the lost hero. if you’ve read rick riordan’s books, which is your favourite?

qotd: what should i read next: snow like ashes, the darkest star, or not even bones?

the lovely @freckledbookworm_ tagged me to do the #booksanddisneyprincesses tag, thanks! 🌙cinderella (book that made you feel empowered): the crimson crown
🌙aurora (book with a fabulous villain): shadow and bone
🌙ariel (book that took place on or beside the sea): to k**l a kingdom
🌙belle (book with a library you want): strange the dreamer
🌙jasmine (book with a brave protagonist): nevernight
🌙pocahontas (book you would bring with you on a camping trip): the name of the wind
🌙mulan (book with a warrior protagonist): days of blood and starlight
🌙tiana (book that made you hungry): the truth about forever

i’ve been waiting for king of scars to arrive forever and hopefully the weather clears up so i can finally read it! i also have the distance between us, by your side (thank you @abibliophileandherbooks for all the kasie west book suggestions), and the girl in the tower on the way. have you read any? what did you think?

have an amazing day❤️
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Good morning! i still haven’t gotten around to reading vengeful, even though i loved vicious and all of schwab’s other books. have you read it? what did you think? right now i’m slowly making my way through the last olympian and the secrets history. buuut i also want to start another book, and i can’t decide between the hating game or the kiss quotient, so...

qotd: which should i read next, the hating game or the kiss quotient? (both are romance! if you have any recommendations for other books let me know)!

i think i bought around 14 books in january (some of which are still on the way) but i’m thinking about trying a book buying ban for a month. have you ever tried one? how did it go?

i thought i’d start doing tags again, starting with the #naturebooktag that @scythe_diana tagged me in, thank you
🌸grass (a book with a green cover): heir of fire
🌼tree (book with a strong protagonist): legend
🌸flower (book with a beautiful cover): strange the dreamer
🌼moss (book that really stuck with you): carry on
🌸insect (book that bothered you): the hazel wood

i’m also reading mistborn by brandon sanderson and it’s amazing, please go read it!!
have a wonderful day❤️(it’s been snowing here like crazy so i haven’t been able to get to work, my car is in town and i can’t get to it either and now the power’s off!)
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I’m back!
hey guys, i’ve been gone for a few weeks, mostly working and visiting with family. i’m going to try and post once or twice a week! what’s everyone currently reading? how’s 2019 been?

“she has never felt more alive than when she lay dying in han alister’s arms.”—cinda williams chima, the gray wolf throne

qotd: who’s a character you recently discovered but love them so much?

aotd: mine would have to be han from seven realms! cinda williams chima has so many great characters in her books, i love every one of them!!

after looking at my year of 2018, i’ve decided to change how i rate things, so there’s likely to be a change in how many high ratings i give! (mostly being a little harsher—rather than giving most books 5 stars haha)
books i read in january:
1. still writing (3⭐️)
2. the battle of the labyrinth (3⭐️)
3. demons at the doorstep (3.5⭐️)
4. the bear and the nightingale (3.5⭐️)
5. p.s. i like you (3⭐️)
6. the wicked king (3.5⭐️)
7. the fill-in boyfriend (3⭐️)
8. on the fence (2.5⭐️)

right now i just finished reading the truth about forever, and i’ve started the secret history (finally), and the last olympian. i’m also starting to reread the books i wrote in november for #nanowrimo and editing them! it’s taking a long time, but i’m excited.

have a great day❤️
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“i mean, most people want to escape. get out of their heads. out of their lives. stories are the easiest ways to do that.”—v.e. schwab, this savage song

qotd: do you reread books? what are some books you’d like to reread?

aotd: i love to reread books! i haven’t done that many rereads in 2018 but some books i’d like to reread are v. e. schwab’s books, seven realms, trc, lord of shadows, and uprooted.

this photo is so old but i haven’t taken new photos in months now😂 anyone else? i’m hoping to take some new ones within the next few days (or weeks?). i haven’t been reading that much, i’m currently in the middle of the last olympian, and i’ve ordered a bunch of books online. do you guys prefer bookstores or online shops?

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“he read while he walked. he read while he ate. the other librarians suspected he somehow read while he slept, or perhaps didn’t sleep at all.”—laini taylor, strange the dreamer

qotd: what are some books you own multiple copies of? if you don’t have any, are there any that you want to own multiple copies of?

aotd: strange the dreamer is one i have two copies of! also the throne of glass series, seven realms and carry on😁 i actually got rid of a bunch of my double copies this year too!

i thought that i’d share my top 10 books of 2018 (in the order i read them). what were some of your favourite books of the year? have you read any of these? i had so many amazing reads this year it was hard to pick a few❤️
1. the perilous sea
2. uprooted
3. a gathering of shadows
4. the song of achilles
5. heir of fire
6. scythe
7. autoboyography
8. the exiled queen
9. the crimson crown
10. circe
i’m really excited for all the books i’m going to read in 2019. my goal for the year is 50☺️

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“only the very weak-minded refuse to be influenced by literature and poetry.”—cassandra clare, clockwork angel

qotd: what’s a book that had you crying by the end of it?

aotd: recently, kingdom of ash, but another was clockwork princess because wow that ending. honestly, a lot of books make me cry😂

tomorrow i’ll be sharing my top 10 reads for 2018! but for today, i’m just going to put my monthly wrap up down below. i was actually very surprised by how many books i read in december! how many books did you read? did you have a favourite? my favourite would have been circe by madeline miller.
1. ernest hemingway on writing 2⭐️
2. all the wandering light 2.5⭐️
3. nevernight 3.5⭐️
4. lord of shadows 3.5⭐️
5. the lightning thief 3⭐️
6. queen of air and darkness 3⭐️
7. circe 4.5⭐️
8. five feet apart 2.5⭐️
9. the sea of monsters 3⭐️
10. the titan’s curse 3.5⭐️

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“when i have a little money, i buy books; and if i have any left, i buy food and clothes.”—desiderius erasmus roterodamus

qotd: do you use the library or just buy all your books?

aotd: i’m terrible and spend way too much money on books, but i’m hoping to start using the library again soon! i usually prefer to own the book💕

i recently bought archenemies, the bear and the nightingale, the magicians, still writing, five feet apart, and the darkest star. have you read any? what did you think?

a lot has been going on recently so i haven’t been as active on instagram but i’d still like to post once or twice a week and catch up with everyone! how often do you post?

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“the heart is an arrow. it demands aim to land true.”—leigh bardugo, six of crows

today is my 1 year bookstagram anniversary! i’ve met so many wonderful people and discovered countless amazing books. i’m incredibly thankful for @belllashore for convincing me to join. she also took this photo of me! how long have you guys been on bookstagram? what made you join?

the second storm hit last night, and luckily it wasn’t even half as bad as the first one! my place likely won’t have power for a while and the roads are blocked with trees, telephone poles, and wires. i also got in a car accident the other day, but it wasn’t serious and everyone was alright. instead of staying at home, i’m actually going to visit family for the next few days! do you guys have any holiday plans?

qotd: what are you currently reading?

aotd: i’ve been reading circe and i love madeline miller’s writing! the song of achilles was one of my favourites this year. have you read either? what did you think?

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“sometimes a dream is enough.”—cinda williams chima, the crimson crown

qotd: who are some writers you love?

aotd: i have so many! some of them included sarah j. maas, cinda williams chima, leigh bardugo, marie lu, v.e. schwab, laini taylor, marissa meyer, cassandra clare and maggie stiefvater❤️

i finished queen of air and darkness yesterday! i read for hours, took a break, and then read the lightning thief for the first time in what must have years! have you guys read either? what did you think?

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“but in a solitary life, there are rare moments when another soul dips near yours, as stars once a year brush the earth. such a constellation was he to me.”—madeline miller, circe

qotd: what’s a book with a beautiful cover?

aotd: circe is one of my favourites!! with the cover on and off. i still haven’t read it but i’m hoping to soon! i also love strange the dreamer and an enchantment of ravens.

i got to meet cassandra clare the other day! it was my first book signing and i’m really happy i got to go. i’m currently reading queen of air and darkness by her! have you guys been to any signings? do you like them?

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