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“many people, myself among them, feel better at the mere sight of a book.”—jane smiley

qotd: when you read a series, do you read all the books at once or read other books in between?

aotd: i usually read all the books in a series at once if i really enjoy them! sometimes i can’t get enough of the story and the characters, and i just have to find out what happens next.

i started reading the gray wolf throne last night and read a ton in one sitting! i’m hoping to read wildcard soon, i love marie lu’s writing. anyone else excited to read wildcard?

have a great day❤️
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“things we lose have a way of coming back to us in the end, if not always in the way we expect.”—j.k. rowling, harry potter and the order of the phoenix •

qotd: what is your hogwarts house?

aotd: i’m a slytherin! the gryffindor in the photo is is my friend☺️

i finished reading the exiled queen and it was amazing💕 i’m hoping to start the third book, the gray wolf throne later on today or tomorrow.

i was tagged by @lilas.books411 and @starlightbooktales to do the #fiveauthorsiwouldliketomeet , thank you two❤️ feel free to do it even if you aren’t tagged!
1. sarah j. maas
2. maggie stiefvater
3. laini taylor
4. v. e. schwab
5. leigh bardugo

have a good day!
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“he wasn’t made of flesh and bone, or starlight. he was made of darkness.”—v.e. schwab, this savage song

qotd: favourite v.e. schwab character? if you haven’t read any of the books, which would you want to read first?

aotd: my favourite characters from her books are august from monsters of verity and lila from shades of magic! i still have to read city of ghosts☺️

i finished reading the demon king the other day and immediately went out and bought the rest of the series!! i just started book 2, the exiled queen, and i’m already loving it. have you read the series? which book was your favourite?

have a wonderful day❤️
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“there are good days and hard days for me—even now. don’t let the hard days win.”—sarah j. maas, a court of mist and fury

qotd: what do you do to pick yourself up if you’re not feeling well?

aotd: i like to reread my favourite books, watch shows in bed, and spend time with family and friends❤️

yesterday i went book shopping (whoops) and bought 5 books! i may have to go out and buy 1 or 2 more. when you buy books, do you buy them 1 at a time or a bunch all at once?

have a great day❤️
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“her heart was a river that carried her to the sea.”—leigh bardugo, crooked kingdom

qotd: what are the next books you’re hoping to buy?

aotd: other than the new releases coming out soon, i’d love to buy legendary, call me by your name, a list of cages, letters to the lost, eliza and her monsters, and under rose-tainted skies! have you read any? what did you think?

thank you all for the helpful reading slump tips! i ended up picking up stephanie garber’s caraval (after it sitting on my shelf these past few years) and read it all in a few hours. tomorrow when i go to the bookstore i’ll be sure to get legendary!

have a lovely day💕
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“so many books, so little time.”—frank zappa

qotd: what do you do when you’re in a reading slump? how do you get out of it?

aotd: i’ve been in a reading slump for the past week and i can’t seem to start a book! •

thank you guys for all of the great contemporary romance book recommendations! i’ve been reading a bunch of fantasy but i love reading historical fiction, dystopian, scifi, contemporary and all different types.

have a great day❤️
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“na razrusha’ya. i am not ruined. e’ya razrushost. i am ruination.”—leigh bardugo, ruin and rising

qotd: which would you rather be:
1. corporalki (order of the living and the dead)
2. etherealki (order of summoners)
3. materialki (order of fabricators)
and if you know, which type?

aotd: i loved the world leigh bardugo created. i think i would want to be a etherealki, maybe an inferni!

i finally took some more bookstagram photos yesterday and i’m excited to post them in a bit! it’s been hard to take photos with moving and everything but hopefully i’ll be going out more often. •

have a good day❤️
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“i mean, most people want to escape. get out of their heads. out of their lives. stories are the easiest way to do that.”—victoria schwab, this savage song

qotd: what tv show are you currently watching? if you’re not watching anything, is there something would you like to watch?

aotd: i finally started watching game of thrones! i’m already almost done the first season, i’m totally hooked. has anyone else seen it? •

i haven’t been able to decide what book i want to start so i might do some polls in my story with books to vote on!

have a great day!
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“if one cannot enjoy reading a book over and over again, there is no use in reading it at all.”—oscar wilde

qotd: do you reread books? what are some books you want to reread?

aotd: i love to reread books! some i’d love to reread soon are strange the dreamer, empire of storms, tower of dawn, crooked kingdom, and lord of shadows.

i haven’t quite decided which book i’m going to read next, there’s so many i want to read but also none at the same time. anyone else get this?

have a lovely day❤️
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“maybe there was no one way to define it. maybe there were as many shades of love as the blues of the sky.”—mary e. pearson, the kiss of deception •

qotd: what was your last cover buy?

aotd: mine was dance of thieves! the cover is stunning💕 i read the kiss of deception series not that long ago and decided to give dance of thieves a go.

i ended up picking up geekerella yesterday after having it on my shelf for a few months and it was super cute! have you guys read it? what did you think?

have an amazing day!
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“the brighter the light, the deeper the shadow.”—jay kristoff, nevernight

qotd: are there any books you’re hoping to read in september?

aotd: other than wildcard and vengeful (which i’m going to buy and read immediately) i’m also hoping to read nevernight, my lady jane and geekerella!

i completed my goodreads challenge of 50 books yesterday! this was my first time ever setting a reading goal so i’m excited to set another next year. the 50th book i read was the gentleman’s guide to vice and virtue and it was so amazing. monty, percy and felicity had me laughing so hard and i love all of them. have you guys read it?

have a lovely day❤️
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“but perhaps the monsters needed to look out for each other every now and then.”—sarah j. maas, queen of shadows

qotd: what was your favourite book you read in august?

aotd: my favourite from my reads in august was probably autoboyography. already i feel like i need to reread it!

books i read in august:
1. the night circus (3.5⭐️)
2. even the darkest stars (4⭐️)
3. scythe (4.5⭐️)
4. thunderhead (4⭐️)
5. to k**l a kingdom (4⭐️)
6. autoboyography (5⭐️)

i’m officially all moved in to my cabin and starting to unpack (yes the books were unpacked first). i’m excited to start taking photos again and start reading!!

have a great day💕
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